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Good morning beautiful readers. How are we all today? God knows why but I’m in a bit of a low mood, even after going on a morning run, so that’s a sign to me that after I’ve written this post I need to get outside again and go and visit my grandparents and get social rather than wallowing in my own pity at home on my own. Because I find that when I’m on my own it’s easy to get sucked into a black hole of despair, and as I just said I really don’t have anything to be sad about!

So here’s the Questions and Answers for you all- enjoy!

What’s my favourite book? This would have to be The Other Boleyn Girl by Phillipa Gregroy for me. I absolutely love historical faction, it’s my favourite genre, and this book started my addiction to it! Gregory actually inspired me to write a dissertation about Anne Boleyn for my EPQ in Sixth form, that’s how much this book moved me!

Favourite Ice-cream flavour? Anything chocolaty, honestly I think I’m addicted to chocolate it’s pretty bad!

What’s your most embarressing childhood memory? I don’t know if this is the most embarressing but it’s one of the only ones I can remember, I kissed this boy at his house when I was like 3/4 and I went in for it so hard he hit his head on the end his bed post!

3 favourite movies? I’m not even going to lie to you guys I don’t really watch TV, like seriously… This probably isn’t an absolute favourite but I do love the movie Safe Haven, I love the scenery and picturesqueness of the area it’s filmed.

What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever been? I would have to say South of France, we hiked between these moutains, the views were gorgeous and there were so many natural pools and greenery it was magical.

What accomplishment are you most proud of? Starting this freaking blog! I’ve always wanted to create an influence for myself, starting YouTube was another one of my big achievements, it’s just keeping commited to it!

Who would you like to live like for a day? May sound weird considering I’m a 19 year old girl, but I would love to be David Attenborough, I love the things he gets to experience and the influence he can weild, all for good causes too!

If you could ask your pet 3 questions what would they be? Do I annoy you by calling you cute all the time? Do you like being smothered? Do you love me?

When you’re having a bad day what do you do to make you feel better? One of the key things I do which eleviates me immediatly is writing it all down to find a solution, or I meditate, eat chocolate, have a bath, see my friends, cuddle my mum, go on a dog walk, get outside, go running…

Using one word how would you describe your family? Unfortunatly… COMPLICATED.

Who is the kindest person you know? Honestly I cannot pick between all my friends, I’d feel bad just writing one name down so here’s a few- Maisie, Lydia, Katy, Laurine… the list is endless.

What is the scariest movie you’ve ever seen? The Babadook really shook me up, I had to sleep with the lights on…

Celebrity crush? Gavin Leatherwood from Sabrina is seriously sexy omg..

That was a bit of random one folks, I could go on and on but I don’t want to bore you all to be honest! If you want to get to know me better you can always shoot me an email or comment below! Feel free to answer any of these yourselves too, I’m intruiged as to what you guys are like too, lets get to know each other!

All my love,


(The broken pearl)

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Healthy, Motivational Morning Routine 2019

Hello beautiful people, today although the weather is poor in Kent I still made myself go on a morning run since I knew it would make me feel more refreshed and alive… and then it started to rain as soon as I left and I got a little wet.. BUT it was still exhilarating and got me fired up for the day ahead!

Today I wanted to enlighten you all on my morning routine, which I tend to religiously stick to because I know I always feel 100 times better for doing so. So if you want to feel like a badass every day continue reading!

So what’s my secret to feeling motivated 90% of the time? (And I say 90% because I’msuccess not going to be dishonest with you all and say that I’m always happy because I’m not a good liar) I wake up and I don’t allow myself to go on my phone, comparison can quite often be the thief of joy, if you immediately wake up and focus on yourself you are going to feel more inspired and motivated to get shit done and that’s the truth. Always spend time on yourself rather than looking at what other people are doing.

Setting small goals! Next up I open up my little #success planner (because I’m that cool😎) and begin setting myself tasks to do for the day. These things can start off as small as reading your book for 15 minutes before bed, they don’t have to be huge achievements, make the goals realistic otherwise you’ll set yourself up for failure and no one wants that! For me for instance- today one of my goals was to write a new blog post which is exactly what I’m doing now, another was to hit the gym this afternoon. Even setting the goal of maintaining a positive attitude at work is an achievement, practicing mindfulness. These are all easy-going achievements that will help keep you focused and motivated throughout the day.

Get yourself hyped!✨ Next up read something motivational, on days where I’m not feeling up to reading a chapter of a book I read a quote and get inspiration from that. The importance of this is to get someone else’s perspective and guidance, use what they say or the quote that you’ve read as a mantra throughout the day, remember it carry it with you let it inspire you. For me for example, today after reading some of Oprah Winfrey’s book called What I know for Sure I felt inspired to be strong and independent, to step out of my comfort zone in order to keep improving myself!

Let the creative juices flow onto paper!⭐️ I find writing in a journal such a release for any emotional tension I may be holding onto, but also as a little motivational book that I can go back to when I’m not feeling too great in myself. After reading a chapter from my book there’s always something for me to write about, today I wrote about how recently I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone massively by deciding it’s best that I become a single lady! That was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make but I know I’m better for it, I know in losing my safety net I can grow into a better person and become stronger, more sure of myself. More free.

Get going!💫 Sometimes I may meditate as well in the mornings however I often find that mediating in the evening helps more, since it allows me to alleviate myself of any stress or tension that has built up throughout the day. After journalling you can get on with your list, start going after what you love, do things that get you excited and give you energy. Fall in love with becoming the best version of yourself, and know in your heart you’re doing amazing.

All my love,


(The Broken Pearl)

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Listen to your soul

Good morning beautiful world, I hope no matter where you are in the world or what time zone you’re in that you’re having a blessed day and you have found gratitude and love in everything you’ve been through.

So, today I’m talking about soul listening, and tuning into that little voice that nags inside us every now and then in order to get our attention and make us make the right decision. Some people refer to this as their gut, or their instincts, but deep down I believe this is our soul, our inner wisdom trying to guide us to make ourselves happier beings and go after what we truly desire.

Previously I have mentioned how in following what feels right you will naturally find clouds peaxe.jpgsuccess, that’s because in following the rights, not ignoring them or being blind to them and following the wrongs we are doing what our soul wants us to be doing and following that which makes us truly happy within.

What Oprah reminded my today in my daily self-help book was that when we put time and effort into things which we dislike and find no joy in, we find ourselves getting enwrapped in emotions such as anger or depression. I thought this was an interesting way to view things to be honest, and really emphasises the important of acknowledging the guidance from that little voice in our heads.

If you ever find yourself feeling, depressed or angry, maybe that’s an opporunity for you to assess the situation and ask yourself “Am I doing things that truly make me happy? What is my soul trying to tell me right now through conveying these negative emotions to me?”

The voice can often be quieted down and shut off with the more hectic external lives we lead, for me, the past couple of days have been pretty hectic, if you follow my insta you would know this @hannahzgracee (shameless self promo). In being hectic I found that I was doing less of the things that keep me grounded, keep me focused, keep me positive and following my aspirations. These things for me being my meditation, my journalling, self-help reading and planning the day.

These little things create an inner calm for me, and when you’re leading an extra busy journallingand hectic external life it’s super important to ensure you have that internal calm. Because if you’re being busy, you’re constantly in a rush, your mind will be running at 100mph, the same speed which you’ll be sprinting around trying to get everything done! And when your mind is doing this that little voice, the voice of your soul gets cut off, ignored, overlooked, and this is why so many of us fall into the trap of unhappiness. We get locked down into a job that we hate, or hang out with people who give off lower frequencies than you do.

The importance of grounding yourself, and listening to your soul is crucial to your happiness. Once you find your ways of calming your inner self, you can make changes to your outer self and create the life you’ve always dreamed of by going after those right feelings until you find success!

All my love,


(The broken pearl)

The Broken Pearl

Hello everyone, today’s blog post is going to be a bit more raw than all the others. I’m getting deep with you guys, because I’m majorly in my feelings.

Why am I sad? That doesn’t even need to be said, all I have to say is that my heart is aching badly and all I want to do is curl up in a black hole and hibernate for a year to get through this pain… From this I assume you understand my situation right? If you don’t I’m sure you can all relate to this is one way or another.

dark ocean.jpgI’m just having a very bad day today, which seems impossible for someone who always seem’s upbeat and writes about self-help all the time. Well even people like me have our off days, and it is shitty but right now I really can’t find the motivation to do anything, but I know that writing seriously helps me so that’s what I’m doing, and because I get to basically talk to you guys about it and that’s what I need right now.

It’s tough not knowing if you’ve made the right decision or not, but as Oprah Winfrey once said you have to understand your intention before making a decision. And I thought I had made my decision, I needed more space to grow into the better person I wanted to become I thought being without my partner would allow me to do that. But now that decision has been made I’m questioning my intentions, because I don’t feel like I can do anything without having my best friend by my side to experience it all with me.

The whole point of me vomiting all this onto a page for you guys is to prove that no ones perfect. We all make poor decisions from time to time, and have days when were not feeling up to doing anything, days when getting out of bed is our biggest achievement, and that FREAKING OKAY. We can’t put the pressure on ourselves or expect ourselves to be motivated and super inspired every single f-ing day of the year, because it’s not physically possible. Life is going to throw obstacles at you every now and then, and you’ll undergo a rollercoaster of emotions in order to smash that obstacle down.

pearl 1.jpgOur imperfections make us human, our poor decisions make us human, our mistakes make us human. We are all broken pearls, or pearls with tiny cracks in them. Pearl’s are often idealised and symbolic as perfect because they’re spherical and fine, we all wish we could be that un-cracked polished and dazzling pearl. But in reality we all have a few cracks and scars, and that’s because were human, and it shows that we’ve lived!

Today I realised this, and that not every day can go as smoothly as you’d like. I didn’t expect to write a blog post on bloody pearls but here we are! I’m sorry if this isn’t what you came on here for, but I’m just keeping it real with you guys.

All my love, 


(the broken pearl)


Good afternoon everyone from the UK! I hope you’re all having a beautiful day, I have to say today I was feeling a bit tired and under the weather. It’s Friday, and I’ve been working of course, it’s easy to feel de-motivated and fed up. But I stick to my routines and do the best I can to keep positive and energised, most importantly though I don’t put too much pressure on myself to achieve too much in the day otherwise you’re effectively setting yourself up for failure… and a lot of stress.

Speaking of stress, I was rather stressed last night. My flight got bloody messed up for South Africa which would mean I now have to travel 16 hours in a car to get to the Game Reserve I wanted to volunteer at. Then we had the dilemmas of ringing up the airlines and trying to find a solution, and there wasn’t one, we would simply have to cancel and airplane and beachre-book a £600 flight and f*** that. I went up to get ready to bed all tight chested, confused and anxious that I wouldn’t be able to go to South Africa, and that really scared me.

If you have watched my YouTube video (Hannah Grace: Get to Know me Tag) or read previous blog posts of mine you would know that volunteering on a Game Reserve or with big cats in South Africa has been something I’ve been raving about since forever! It’s something I would potentially like to pursue a career in, to become a manager of a conservation park, restoring biodiversity and treating sick exotic animals would be a dream for me. Therefore you can understand why I was so stressed with the whole flight situation.

Relieving yourself of stress can be easily done, you just have to get yourself in the correct mindset. Sometimes all you have to do is take a step back, breathe and assess the situation. Often when one thing goes wrong we immediately escalate the situation in our heads. For instance, when I realised my flight might have to get cancelled I immediatly started fretting that I wouldn’t be able to go to South Africa, and that my parents (love them to bits) would lose out on £600 for the flight they brought me.

However, it’s not always as easy as that (I know I sound like I’m contradicting what I just said but hear me out people) sometimes we need to just get into our own space, take ourselves away from the situation andddddd…. MEDITATE. WOW what a big scary word and concept for some people!!! But we don’t need to be scared or resent meditation, it’s essentially the art of doing nothing, and tuning into Source Energy which literally means being at an inner peace and finding your calm.

After the whole South Africa mishap I was struggling to distract myself from the never-giraffesending streams of worries in my head, having a very anxious past means I find I can be particularly susceptible to getting anxious easily if I’m in the wrong mind-set. So, I took myself up to my bed, plugged in some earphones (wireless are even better) and with my app Calm I followed a guided meditation practice… and I kid you not I felt like I left my body!!!

The relaxation and meditation were exactly what I needed, I got to the point where I reached the ZONE the ultimate form of peace. All you have to do is follow your breathing and shut down your mind, this isn’t something that comes easily, and I’ve been practicing meditation for months before I reached this point. But even without the ZONE you’ll find yourself a lot more present and grounded than you were before, resulting in a calmer more rational mindset, where endless possibilities arise.

After meditating I convinced myself that I would still go to Africa and have an amazing time, and on the next day, BEHOLD I was offered a place on a different 5* reserve right near the airport I was flying to, at not additional cost!!!

This shit works guys, it’s all about changing your mindset, and mediation is the key to this, it can literally change your life.

All my love,


How Volunteering can boost your CV and your self-love

Hello everyone, and a happy Monday to you all! I know Monday’s may seem like a drag, and understandably so, it’s a reality check of going back to work and getting on your grind again. But if you shift your perspective a little, we can all be thankful for Monday’s, since they’re an opportunity for a fresh start. A new week, full of lots of opportunities at the touch of your fingertips, all you have to do is have the confidence to seize them for yourself!

Now, onto the topic of volunteering today. This is something I’ve wanted to talk about since forever, because volunteering has genuinely changed my life, and makes me feel 10000X better about myself. Not only this but it also looks very snazzy to future employers, giving your precious time away out of the good of your heart, now that’s appealing!!!

Why did I volunteer? First of all I just want to start by saying that I understand it may be harder for those of you who work your socks off in full-time jobs to volunteer, and that my circumstances were very different. So, after dropping out of University I undoubtedly had a lot of time on my hands, and for someone who was mentally a bit unstable this was very challenging. Every day seemed to go by soooooo slowly, it was like waiting for paint to dry, even with my hobbies such as reading I still seemed to have too much time on my hands! Understandably, this is one of the big reasons so many people my age become over-educated and stick at University, because they’re so unsure and horseskind of scared of what they’d do if they weren’t in education and actually had to think for themselves (wow, that was a mini rant). But it’s TRUE! So with this endless time I had, I decided I wanted to work with animals in some form, and volunteer doing this.

It took some time, but eventually I found something, and it was local which was even better since I don’t drive! All I had to do was look after some horses at an academy, it was outdoor work of course so sometimes it wasn’t pretty. I was carrying large nets of hay which could break my freaking back, attending to horses which threatened to bite my fingers off from time to time, and poo picked on top of a field on my own for 2 hours… I’m really selling this to you right?!! Although the work was often hard, I still felt a sense of achievement after working, and the fact I got to work outside and enjoy the scenery was even better. As I’ve said before, being out in the fresh air really helps to get into the present moment, you can find gratitude for pretty much anything if you’re living in the present!

It was this sense of achievement that kept me driven, and after working for the academy for a few months I finally built up the courage to ride a horse which I hadn’t done for like 15 years and it was amazing! Volunteering opens the doors to new unexpected things in your life that you may have never gotten the opportunity for before. It opens your eyes and your soul, and makes you realise that giving is better than taking!

You’re opening yourself to receiving gratitude from those you’re working for, and soak that shit up because it’s gold-dust!!!

Gratitude is the secret to happiness, and volunteering can help with unlocking that.

This was Merlin my favourite owl! Follow my Instagram for future pictures- Hannahzgracee

Since doing the horse academy volunteering, I have gotten a job, yet I still manage to make time to help out, even if it’s not as often as before. I’ve kinda become addicted to it, I currently volunteer at an aviary too, which has led me to learning how to fly hawks and owls, which I would never have had the opportunity to do before if I hadn’t offered my time and help to their cause.

Volunteering shows that you care for greater causes rather than just yourself.

Empathy and time-giving is something we all need to show and give a little more of, which is why employers love it! It shows you’re different and have gone out of your way to do something that benefits other people as well as yourself! AND IT’S FREAKING AWESOME. As I mentioned before I’ll be going to Africa in June to volunteer and help restore biodiversity on a large piece of land out there, monitoring the wildlife resources and tracking animals. I’ll make sure to document the whole experience for you guys and let you know what I think!

Even if you feel as though you don’t have enough time to give to others, just email around or ask your local community if they need a help in hand with anything. Volunteering doesn’t have to be as bizarre as I make it sound! Volunteering can be caring for the elderly, or packing peoples shopping for them at the supermarket. I’m just the sort of person who likes to get out there and do adventurous, exciting things, that involve wildlife. But that’s just me! You do you, do whatever you’ll get the most joy from, otherwise what’s the point? Your happiness should always come first, and I can guarantee you’ll feel even happier after giving your time for a better cause.

All my love,