Your body is a Temple- series

I think there are times when we all mistreat our bodies in one way or another; eating junk foods, consuming excessive amounts of alcohol or overloading ourselves with stress. These are all things we can agree we do from time to time… and that’s okay, it’s just important to remember not to over-do these things because the effects will reflect within and without.

When you eat excessive amounts of processed fatty foods, you will always feel the short-term effect of “Wow that was amazing, it tasted sooooo good!!!” But, the long-term effects can be far more damaging. Your skin will start to protest and your gut will be unhappy as the high volume of fat puts a high amount of pressure on our digestive system and blah blah blah… But most importantly the psychological effects can be devastating. It’s a downward spiral really but it’s so easy to get swept up in since fast food is so convenient and accessible.

If you don’t take care of your body, who will?

We only get one body people, it’s time to start treating it properly! Start viewing and treating your body as a temple and the rewards will be evident; clear skin, reduction in weight, improvements mentally as well as a happy soul. One of the ways we can achieve this is through a healthy and colourful diet, fruit and vegetables aren’t only super good for you but you are naturally drawn to them because of the colour. For instance, if you were to compare a chocolate bar and strawberry, which one looks visually more appealing without knowing the taste? If you are saying the chocolate bar right now you are kidding yourself! The strawberry is shiny and red, and naturally looks appealing, whereas the chocolate bar looks no different to the churned up mud on the floor at a festival. Not only does the strawberry look sexy but you’ll undoubtedly feel far better and more energised for eating it than the chocolate bar, and in feeling better in yourself your self-esteem arises which opens more opportunities into our lives since you have the confidence to strive for what you want!

This may seem a little far-fetched to some, but I want you to try going a day of eating clean, try to reduce the level of processed sugars you ingest or foods that make you bloated and feel heavy. Be observant and pay attention to how you feel, physically and mentally, and I can almost guarantee you’ll see improvements!

What should I try? I’m not telling you to cut out every single piece of junk food from your diet completely, because that’s unrealistic in the long-term and you’re essentially setting yourself up for failure which is a hard-core NO. This is a gradual process and it’s important not to be too strict on yourself because that won’t work, we all need that bar of chocolate from time to time, especially when it’s that time of the month for us ladies!

I would suggest:

  1. Green for GO– eat your greens with every meal throughout the day. For example: breakfast green smoothie, lunch half a bowl of salad, dinner some veggies such as brocoli or Brussel sprouts! Eating a high amount of greens has numerous health benefits such as reducing the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and obesity.
  2. Stay hydrated with H20– make sure to drink enough water consistently. If you wanted to mix it up add some lemon for taste or chia seeds for texture! Water helps remove waste products from our bodies, which we can all agree we don’t want.
  3. Keep it simple eat whole foods which are non-processed, this makes it easier for your body to break them down and results in less waste products in your body. It also means things are less complicated to cook, you don’t need to over complicate!

I will keep saying it people YOUR BODY IS A TEMPLE  by respecting it and treating it right you will see results physically and mentally. Even if you just start by doing one meal a day, eating whole foods and greens, and work your way up to 3 meals that is super amazing and shows you are making the effort to change your life for the better! Always congratulate yourself for the small steps  you take to improving your life. Love yourself and keep faith, because once this becomes a routine, it’s easy.

All my love,


(DISCLAIMER: I am not a qualified nutritionist, all my suggestions are from personal experience, I am merely sharing this information with you!)

Published by Hannah Grace

Be your best self to live your best life! I’m here to motivate and inspire you with self-help tips. I post weekly- enjoy✨💫

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