Your body is a temple- making the move

Hello again fellow bloggers, I hope you are all well! My week has been pretty packed so far, I’ve been trying my hardest not to run around like a headless chicken and have partly succeeded. Stress, we’ve all had it, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and get into such a running routine that we forget to actually think about what we actually WANT to do in the day, rather than what ‘needs’ to be done.

You may be laughing at me, especially the parents out there who I believe lead some of the most manic lives of them all! Some of you may believe time is impossible to find, but this is part of the problem- we’ve been conditioned to believe there is never (or barely) the time to do the things we love- when really these are the things we should be prioritising!

Stress and this feeling of overwhelm can be incredibly harmful for our mental wellbeing, barefoot-beach-blond-2072583and lead to things like over-eating or anxiety. Myself included; when I was studying for my A Levels I literally allowed myself 0 time to do the things I truly loved doing, to the point that I almost felt as though I no longer knew myself- I had no identity. This led to further problems of anxiety and low mood, and just like how eating a poor diet can spiral, stress and overload can also spiral and develop into deeper issues. So yes, although I may not have kids or a 9-5 job I have been there too. Stress is like a black hole, it sucks everything into it so that everything around you no longer exists, in other words it consumes you, just like a black hole consumes matter in space. I know what it’s like to enter that black hole and have been through the struggle and pain of working against gravity and managed to pull myself back out the other side and survive.

How did I do it? Well for one I focused on what I loved again, but that’s a topic for another day since I could write a bazillionnnn pages about that. One of the key ways of relieving yourself from stress is movement. Whether its walking the dog twice a day (which I would highly recommend and you don’t even really need the dog), doing some outside yoga or going for a gentle cycle- even if it’s just 30 minutes it’ll make the world of difference. And make sure you’re outside, it’s all very well following a workout programme on your TV, yes that may keep you physically fit, but mentally you are still animals-black-and-white-equine-52500within the walls and space which you are most stressed in. Getting outside is not only refreshing, but you’ll experience nature which will help distract your brain (which may be running at 100000X an hour) therefore creating blocks in your thoughts and gradually slowing the pace of your mind. This will help create solutions to any problems you have since you can now think more rationally, because stress is contagious and can infect any future plans you may be trying to organise. Slowing your thoughts down will help calm you down in general, releiving you of the stress and overwhelm you have gathered throughout the day, and subconsciously pulling yourself away from that black hole (which could eat you alive).

So, make the move, and make time because your mental health and happiness should always be a priority, and in having a healthy mind you will naturally be more positive and observe greater gratitude throughout your day. Your body is a temple, never forget it, and do the right thing for you.

All my love,


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