Be a Superhero

Not all superheroes wear capes, some are saving the world we live in just by doing the little things to preserve the environment we depend on so greatly, yet choose to ignore is burning around us.


So recently I went to London Westminster on a trip out with my family, and I happened to witness part of the ‘Extinction Rebellion’ which was taking place in Parliament Square. To me it all looked rather peaceful and inactive, to the point that you could quite easily walk by and completely ignore it… which is effectively what the majority of our population is doing in relation to environmental issues such as climate change. Reading the news headlines that people were ‘glueing themselves to fences’ and so on makes these people sound a little crazy, when in reality the crazy people are the ones not actively doing anything to save our planet!

For a lot of people ignorance is bliss, but by being deliberately ignorant we are effectively killing ourselves and our beautiful planet, which does not deserve to die by the hand of an egotistical race which thinks it’s so elevated and above the rest of the animal kingdom. We are animals too, we’re just accustomed to a more lavish way of living.

Just because our brains are bigger and more capable does not make us smarter what intelligent species would willingly kill the only place we have to live?

The facts: Climate change is not a myth despite what people like Donald Trump believe, and it needs attention! An estimation of 80% of the forest that covered the Earth 8,000 years ago has been destroyed and fragmented. Forest’s are essential for human survival, providing us with oxygen and turning waste into nutrients or raw materials such as oil and gas. Approximately 8 million pieces of plastic find their way to the oceans every day!!!! EVERY DAY PEOPLE, resulting in trillions of pieces of plastic building up over time, this is not okay and has destroyed and endangered a high level of marine life. Evidently the largest threat to our planet is the human population itself, because the human population keeps doubling and quadrupling, we don’t have the space, we are out-growing our planet and as a result we are destroying the homes or other species because we believe we are more important.

“The question is, are we happy to suppose our grandchildren may never be able to see an elephant except in a picture book?”- David Attenborough

What can we all do to help? Literally spreading awareness is key, don’t allow people to turn a blind eye, make them put on those bloody spectacles and observe what is truly happening to our Earth! As the rebellion promoted ‘There is no Planet B.’ Participate in protests if that’s your thing, rebel in places which will get you noticed, join organisations that really support biodiversity and promote saving the planet. Be a superhero and reduce plastic by doing the little things such as; using reusable bottles, sign petitions to save the oceans and the rainforest, support companies which contribute money to save endangered species. One of my most admirable favourites is WWF, whom I intend to volunteer for in this summer of 2019! Save up, and travel to go and see it yourself, go to Africa and witness the lack of biodiversity which I’m doing in June this year (and intend to document for you guys!)- play your part in making a change, because not only are you doing something amazing to help the planet but you’ll feel like a superhero because you’re effectively saving the planet!

Two things that are more to the point that can help make a change: 1) Reduce your paper and wood in your daily life, things like toilet paper are causing endangered forests to be cut down. You can literally make the slightest changes in order to make change, by simply using both sides of an A4 piece of paper, or taking your own cloth bags to the grocery store to stop yourself buying plastic or paper ones. 2) Reduce your beef consumption– much of the rainforest is cut down in order to raise cattle for meat exportation, simply by reducing the amount of beef you eat will decrease the demand for it, and over time this will help preserve areas of endangered forest.

It doesn’t have to be hard friends, the key to saving our world is to make sure everyone is playing their part in saving it, be a superhero and make the little changes to improve our planet. Because everyone should have the chance to witness an elephant in real life, and not in captivity because they’re endangered, in their natural habitat in the wilderness where they belong.

All my love,


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