Don’t be scared of pages

Hello folks, well today I decided to write about books since there seems to be plenty of people my age who don’t actually read… and WTF??!!! It’s time to step away from the bright suffocating phone screens, TV screens, laptop screens (rich coming from me right) and pick up a book and start READING.

Reading is actually one of the best ways to open your mind and help you find clarity! You don’t even need to be reading a self-help book to feel 90% better about yourself or whatever, fictional books literally act as a portal to another realm, you get to walk in someone else’s fabulous shoes for half an hour or so and why wouldn’t you want to do that? When I had anxiety badly, one of the things I realised I had stopped doing in my personal time was reading. This was at the time when I became submerged in my A Level’s and felt so swamped that (whiny irritating voice) ‘I didn’t possibly have the time’ to do what I loved. Well clearly that didn’t do me any good. Once I realised how bad my pile of booksanxiety had got one of the first things I started doing again was reading, and wow did it make a difference to how I felt!

I know this can’t be said for everyone but for me I bloody love historical fiction, and if you followed my Instagram account Hannahzgracee (shameless self-promo) you would know I really adore castles, Leeds Castle being one of my favourites. So it doesn’t take a genius to guess that I like history. The satisfaction and relaxation I feel when picking up a book is so calming, and for anyone who may suffer from anxiety calmness will be a tremendous help in reducing panic attacks and just stress in general. You don’t have to have anxiety to start reading, that’s definitely not my point! The point is, is that reading acts as an escape for everyone. If you’re having a hard time and are really disliking your job (if this is the case for you I highly recommend going after something that sparks greater joy) or need to get away from the kids, reading is your little safe haven.

The connection you can feel with the character in the book is phenomenal, there’s nothing quite like it. I often find myself comparing myself to the characters, discovering new things about myself (wow how many times can I write myself in a sentence?!!). For instance recently I’ve been reading Phillipa Gregory’s The Red Queen and I couldn’t help but admire the character of Margaret Beaufort who stopped at nothing to ensure her son achieved his destiny of becoming King. Because she had faith in the unseen, she got through all her hardships; facing death and isolation, she got through it all and succeeded. I see some of myself in that character, that determination is what I strive for and obtain. That is proof to me that the Universe will manifest what you desire if you hold faith.

All that from reading a book, it’s not just an escape people it

“exposes you and gives you access to anything your mind can hold” (Oprah Winfrey: What I know for Sure)

… and Winfrey is right, I know for sure that reading does more for me than helps me

blue smudges
I’m literally just using this image because it looked cool

escape, it helps me find higher ground for myself. Self help books do even more or course, but fictional books or in my case ‘Faction’ offer so much for us. I can’t urge it enough that sometimes all we need is less screen time and more of the good stuff- the pages. I would also recommend buying actual books, not those weird kindle things! You can get such cheap copies second-hand for only £2 in charity shops such as Oxfam, which also take used books (that’s what I did with all my old school books)! The sensation of finishing a book for me became a sense of achievement, and I literally became addicted to it! So now I’ve almost finished all of Phillipa Gregory’s novels! But I’ve started reading self-help books in the morning’s now too in order to motivate myself for the day ahead.

Overall, please don’t be scared of pages over screens! I know for many reading may seem like a chore but it’s not, it’s a sacred pleasure (it really is!!!). I can’t be the only 19-year-old who feels this way surely? A good book is all a girl/guy needs in the world-

You’ll live 1000 lives in one lifetime!

All my love,



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