Be the artist of your life

Good morning beautiful world and what a day it is to go after your dreams and aspirations. Each day is a new opportunity to do what you love and go after what you most desire, so go fetch!!!

I’ve come on here today to talk to you about becoming an artist right? Mehh kind of I suppose… Recently I stumbled across a quote from the oracle herself Oprah Winfrey who’s book I have been reading each morning called What I know for sure. She is simply inspiring, and through her wisdom I want to inspire you guys too.

“We are all the artists of our own lives, use as many colours and brushstrokes as you like.”

The whole point being that if you’re having a bad day and some dark colours have painted your canvas you can paint over these with bright and vibrant colours all at the stroke of the brush. You can do this in the next hour or in the next day after something not so great may have happened to you, and that’s pretty awesome! I think it’s so easy for us all to forget that we are actually the ones in control of how we feel, we hold the reigns of our emotions and thoughts… and even if the horse is stubborn and doesn’t want to go the way you want it to, you can give it a slight kick and you’ll be on your way to sunshines and rainbows again (wow that was weird?!).

Sometimes our own stubbornness can get in the way of us painting with new colours. For instance, in the past I would have sudden waves of low mood that would leave me in a little black hole of despair- this was some Alice and Wonderland shit except there was no wonder about it. One of my good friends would always say to me- ‘You are in control of how you feel, you can snap yourself out of this!’ But the darkness was just swallowing me up and I was too stubborn and blinded to see sense in what he was saying. But now I realise how right they were.

After putting it into practice over time I realised I hold the reins, or the paintbrush of my emotions, and just as easily as dark colours can be laid down they can easily be painted over with lighter colours. If you’ve ever painted your bedroom or anywhere, we all know it will take a few coats of light colours in order to stop the darker colour showing through and this is the same with our emotions and feelings. Sometimes you may need to go over the same spot of dark paint before all you see is light and that is fine and it’s normal!! This is not an instant thing, hell it took me months of counselling and my boyfriend constantly repeating himself to me before I realised. Butttttt, it won’t have to take you so long because you’re reading this now and this is your sign, this is the moment you can change your perspective and become the artist of your life!!! YES QUEEN.

Paint whatever you like, create new colours for yourself, and paint the life you have dreamed of and know you will love. Knowing that you’re the artist means you’re consciousness to the fact you get to choose your emotions, choosing love, joy and happiness! Choose to be the best version of yourself. Because you’re awesome, we are all awesome, and we are all sick painters that’s for sure.

All my love, 


Published by Hannah Grace

Be your best self to live your best life! I’m here to motivate and inspire you with self-help tips. I post weekly- enjoy✨💫

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