How Volunteering can boost your CV and your self-love

Hello everyone, and a happy Monday to you all! I know Monday’s may seem like a drag, and understandably so, it’s a reality check of going back to work and getting on your grind again. But if you shift your perspective a little, we can all be thankful for Monday’s, since they’re an opportunity for a fresh start. A new week, full of lots of opportunities at the touch of your fingertips, all you have to do is have the confidence to seize them for yourself!

Now, onto the topic of volunteering today. This is something I’ve wanted to talk about since forever, because volunteering has genuinely changed my life, and makes me feel 10000X better about myself. Not only this but it also looks very snazzy to future employers, giving your precious time away out of the good of your heart, now that’s appealing!!!

Why did I volunteer? First of all I just want to start by saying that I understand it may be harder for those of you who work your socks off in full-time jobs to volunteer, and that my circumstances were very different. So, after dropping out of University I undoubtedly had a lot of time on my hands, and for someone who was mentally a bit unstable this was very challenging. Every day seemed to go by soooooo slowly, it was like waiting for paint to dry, even with my hobbies such as reading I still seemed to have too much time on my hands! Understandably, this is one of the big reasons so many people my age become over-educated and stick at University, because they’re so unsure and kind of scared of what they’d do if they weren’t in education and actually had to think for themselves (wow, that was a mini rant). But it’s TRUE! So with this endless time I had, I decided I wanted to work with animals in some form, and volunteer doing this.

It took some time, but eventually I found something, and it was local which was even better since I don’t drive! All I had to do was look after some horses at an academy, it was outdoor work of course so sometimes it wasn’t pretty. I was carrying large nets of hay which could break my freaking back, attending to horses which threatened to bite my fingers off from time to time, and poo picked on top of a field on my own for 2 hours… I’m really selling this to you right?!! Although the work was often hard, I still felt a sense of achievement after working, and the fact I got to work outside and enjoy the scenery was even better. As I’ve said before, being out in the fresh air really helps to get into the present moment, you can find gratitude for pretty much anything if you’re living in the present!

It was this sense of achievement that kept me driven, and after working for the academy for a few months I finally built up the courage to ride a horse which I hadn’t done for like 15 years and it was amazing! Volunteering opens the doors to new unexpected things in your life that you may have never gotten the opportunity for before. It opens your eyes and your soul, and makes you realise that giving is better than taking!

You’re opening yourself to receiving gratitude from those you’re working for, and soak that shit up because it’s gold-dust!!!

Gratitude is the secret to happiness, and volunteering can help with unlocking that.

Since doing the horse academy volunteering, I have gotten a job, yet I still manage to make time to help out, even if it’s not as often as before. I’ve kinda become addicted to it, I currently volunteer at an aviary too, which has led me to learning how to fly hawks and owls, which I would never have had the opportunity to do before if I hadn’t offered my time and help to their cause.

Volunteering shows that you care for greater causes rather than just yourself.

Empathy and time-giving is something we all need to show and give a little more of, which is why employers love it! It shows you’re different and have gone out of your way to do something that benefits other people as well as yourself! AND IT’S FREAKING AWESOME. As I mentioned before I’ll be going to Africa in June to volunteer and help restore biodiversity on a large piece of land out there, monitoring the wildlife resources and tracking animals. I’ll make sure to document the whole experience for you guys and let you know what I think!

Even if you feel as though you don’t have enough time to give to others, just email around or ask your local community if they need a help in hand with anything. Volunteering doesn’t have to be as bizarre as I make it sound! Volunteering can be caring for the elderly, or packing peoples shopping for them at the supermarket. I’m just the sort of person who likes to get out there and do adventurous, exciting things, that involve wildlife. But that’s just me! You do you, do whatever you’ll get the most joy from, otherwise what’s the point? Your happiness should always come first, and I can guarantee you’ll feel even happier after giving your time for a better cause.

All my love,


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