Good afternoon everyone from the UK! I hope you’re all having a beautiful day, I have to say today I was feeling a bit tired and under the weather. It’s Friday, and I’ve been working of course, it’s easy to feel de-motivated and fed up. But I stick to my routines and do the best I can to keep positive and energised, most importantly though I don’t put too much pressure on myself to achieve too much in the day otherwise you’re effectively setting yourself up for failure… and a lot of stress.

Speaking of stress, I was rather stressed last night. My flight got bloody messed up for South Africa which would mean I now have to travel 16 hours in a car to get to the Game Reserve I wanted to volunteer at. Then we had the dilemmas of ringing up the airlines and trying to find a solution, and there wasn’t one, we would simply have to cancel and re-book a £600 flight and f*** that. I went up to get ready to bed all tight chested, confused and anxious that I wouldn’t be able to go to South Africa, and that really scared me.

If you have watched my YouTube video (Hannah Grace: Get to Know me Tag) or read previous blog posts of mine you would know that volunteering on a Game Reserve or with big cats in South Africa has been something I’ve been raving about since forever! It’s something I would potentially like to pursue a career in, to become a manager of a conservation park, restoring biodiversity and treating sick exotic animals would be a dream for me. Therefore you can understand why I was so stressed with the whole flight situation.

Relieving yourself of stress can be easily done, you just have to get yourself in the correct mindset. Sometimes all you have to do is take a step back, breathe and assess the situation. Often when one thing goes wrong we immediately escalate the situation in our heads. For instance, when I realised my flight might have to get cancelled I immediatly started fretting that I wouldn’t be able to go to South Africa, and that my parents (love them to bits) would lose out on £600 for the flight they brought me.

However, it’s not always as easy as that (I know I sound like I’m contradicting what I just said but hear me out people) sometimes we need to just get into our own space, take ourselves away from the situation andddddd…. MEDITATE. WOW what a big scary word and concept for some people!!! But we don’t need to be scared or resent meditation, it’s essentially the art of doing nothing, and tuning into Source Energy which literally means being at an inner peace and finding your calm.

After the whole South Africa mishap I was struggling to distract myself from the never-ending streams of worries in my head, having a very anxious past means I find I can be particularly susceptible to getting anxious easily if I’m in the wrong mind-set. So, I took myself up to my bed, plugged in some earphones (wireless are even better) and with my app Calm I followed a guided meditation practice… and I kid you not I felt like I left my body!!!

The relaxation and meditation were exactly what I needed, I got to the point where I reached the ZONE the ultimate form of peace. All you have to do is follow your breathing and shut down your mind, this isn’t something that comes easily, and I’ve been practicing meditation for months before I reached this point. But even without the ZONE you’ll find yourself a lot more present and grounded than you were before, resulting in a calmer more rational mindset, where endless possibilities arise.

After meditating I convinced myself that I would still go to Africa and have an amazing time, and on the next day, BEHOLD I was offered a place on a different 5* reserve right near the airport I was flying to, at not additional cost!!!

This shit works guys, it’s all about changing your mindset, and mediation is the key to this, it can literally change your life.

All my love,


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