Staying motivated in Winter

Good evening beautiful world. It’s cold, dark and a little damp outside, so I think it’s very easy for all of us to sit in and cuddle up on the sofa, forget about our goals, and put off the gym.

In the Northern hemisphere of the Earth were heading into the cooler winter months and for many of us this can be a time when everything seems to stand still, and our motivation crashes.

It’s like the Universe is working against us. We may wake up with the intention to go on a morning run to get a healthy head-start on the day, yet you draw back your curtains and the rains pouring down outside, your heart automatically sinks and you turn back to your bed for that extra 20 minutes of sleep.

I know it’s more challenging to stay mentally focused in these times, whether it’s fitness related or just your goals in general. Personally I’m finding it harder to concentrate at work when the darkenss starts creeping over the sky at just past 4 in the afternoon. It instantly de-motivates me, because mentally I begin to switch off when it’s dark, to me that’s sleepy time!

SO how do we fight this?

This time of the year doesn’t have to be seen as money absorbing and light disolving, it’s a time where you can build your mentality up so well that nothing can get in your way or distract you from your goals. It’s a time that will challenge you in a good way, and will help strengthen that mental bone that weakens when you start to feel a chill in the wind.

Something that I find may be helpful to some, is moving your alarm clock away from your bed so you simply have to get out of bed to wake up in the mornings!

Have your gym clothing layed out before you for when you wake so that you have no choice but to put them on and go ahead and do your thing.

On the days that are sunny (and I know there may be few) do things that you enjoy and appreciate the outdoors. I know this sounds silly, but enjoying a sunny winters day makes me appreciate this season even more, and makes the darker days seem a lot more bearable.

Look after yourself, and don’t let the sickness flue of winter grab hold of you! Perhaps try drinking hot lemon and water daily, or making healthy meals full of vitamins and nutrition to keep your body fueled and strong. Because lets face it, if your body shuts down, you’re going to mentally shut down too!

We’ve got this people, if you have any tips for staying motivated this season please share them below I’d love to read what you have to say! 🙂

All my love,


Published by Hannah Grace

Be your best self to live your best life! I’m here to motivate and inspire you with self-help tips. I post weekly- enjoy✨💫

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