The Easiest Way You Can Become Successful

Today I wanted to enlighten you into something that has been brought forth in some of the amazing books I have read in my time being furloughed. Something that was consistently repeated through each was a method of learning that doesn’t necessarily require a huge amount of brain-power or will-power! This method I will refer to as mirroring.

So what is mirroring? Mirroring is kind of like miming someone I suppose, you copy the actions of someone you admire (be it their wealth, physical body or mindset) to achieve those results for yourself. It sounds simple, and it is truly. It’s all about having the determination and willingness to admit that you don’t know everything, we must learn from the best in order to become one of the best.

Stubbornness and pride can kill you when it comes to learning something new. Often we must admit to ourselves that perhaps we are not successful, or we aren’t achieving the results we desire because we’re missing a bit of vital information that someone better can teach us! Admitting our weakness is the first step here.

Then we must seek the guidance, and mirror our betters. For me I have picked a few people who I admire for different reasons, I choose to follow these people’s advise because by following them I am more likely to become and achieve similar/ the same results as they do.

But you may be saying to yourself – ‘… but this will require research, reading, investigating and learning – I don’t have time for that – so much for no will-power!’ The reason I claimed this won’t take will-power from yourself is because, if the people you choose to mirror are truly people you respect and admire you will do your research willingly because you enjoy learning how they did it! Therefore we label these people you learn from as ‘Heroes’.

Below I have written a list of my heroes and what it is that inspires me about each – you might be inspired too (in no particular order)!

1) Tony Robbins – his book called Money Master the Game has flipped a switch in me and sparked an interest in finances that I will never lose. This man inspires me for many reasons, but mostly due to his philanthropy – he is working towards eliminating poverty/ lack of food for the homeless and in need in America and has his own foundation which contributes to those often forgotten by society. I myself would love to become a philanthropist one day – so I turn to Tony. If you would like to donate here is a link: (it is a non-profit organisation)

2) Project Life Mastery (Stephan James) – Focuses on self-development in all areas of life which I am obsessed with, touching on spirituality and mental health which (if you know my journey of anxiety) means a lot to me. Stephan inspires and reminds me that no matter what, there is always more to learn. We can always be improving and bettering ourselves. Check out his YouTube channel here:

3) Tatiana James – Tatiana is actually the fiancé of Stephan James, I discovered her YouTube channel recently and have become very inspired. She makes an amazing amount of money through Amazon, which has encouraged me to do the same through Book Publishing which I intend to study and proceed with in the near future. She also began on this path at 20 years old (the same age as myself currently) and has became incredibly successful – this means if I focus I can achieve the same! Tatiana’s channel is here:

4) Michael Anthony Singer – Micky has pursued the journey of spiritual enlightenment and written several books on this path. I myself have read around half of The Untethered Soul which truly provided a different insight to life and how we view the situations around us, it’s also very phycological – if you have the time I would recommend this book. Or if reading isn’t your thing, watch the interview on the following link (Tony Robbins and Michael together – AMAZING) :

5) BySophiaLee – this talented young individual is a little like me, except her online blog is bringing in a monthly revenue of around $10,000. This speaks for itself, not only is she my age again, but she also has created a blog that produces cash consistently. BySophieLee is the name of her blog – check her out if you’re a college student or if you’re like me and want your blog to be even more successful!

6) Fit With Cambrie – Cambrie is a young female entrepreneur – who like myself loves her fitness and health and has brought out her own range of protein powders and supplements to coincide with daily exercise and a balanced diet. I’m not too sure on Cambrie’s net worth, but she is certainly a successful young lady and someone who’s YouTube content I watch when I feel like getting inspired – be it fitness or business! Her channel is here:

7) Warren Buffet – You may not have expected to see this guy on here, but since becoming obsessed with learning about investing and the stock market in general, Buffet has become an oracle who I wholly trust. If you don’t know already, Mr Buffet’s net worth currently sits at $68.7 Billion. If stock markets aren’t your thing, you may not be interested – but to establish this amount of wealth Buffet has a substantial amount of knowledge! I am currently reading a book based on his personal essays The Essays of Warren Buffet; Lessons for Investors and Managers – which I would recommend to anyone once you understand the vocabulary and phrases of the industry (otherwise things may get a bit confusing).

If you follow, learn and study the mindsets, methods and lifestyle of your heroes you are more likely to achieve the results they have achieved – no matter what area of your life you are trying to improve. Something Robert Kiyosaki states in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad is that we should continue to have superheroes even when we grow older, we follow them and study them and they inspire us because they make their achievements look easy. When something is easy we are more inclined to work towards completing it. Facts.

Let me know who your heroes are in the comments below, or get in contact with me via email if you would like a personal discussion – head to my coaching page!

Have a beautiful day my loves, we can all be superheroes.


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