Conversation Skills you can MASTER

So, recently I read this book called ‘Crucial Conversations’ written by; Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan and Al Switzler. I wanted to discuss parts of this book which I found incredibly beneficial and will allow you to have any conversation in your life, no matter how ‘crucial’ it is, and achieve the best results. Yes, this means you get to maintain a good relationship with this person as well as being honest and integral – which I believe we all think can be impossible sometimes! Especially when the topics you want to discuss are bound to open old wounds, or potentially cause an emotional shift in the person you want to confront.

You may be asking – how is this possible? Well, I kind of thought the same thing before I read this book, not only are these techniques favourable for your personal relationships but also for your business relationships too. If you’re a manager for instance and you need to get a big project completed, but your team can’t seem to cooperate – the skills from this book will be highly beneficial! Improving relationships and ultimately getting what you want from anything.

Below I will discuss some of the things that have really stuck with me from reading this book, which I wanted to share with you, as I believe you may find it beneficial too! Lets dive in.

So the first thing is clear we all do, even if we don’t realise it. When something happens to us, our emotions can become twisted, we get unhappy or irritated by someone and we react by reverting to silence or violence. Why do we do this? Because everything happens so fast in our tiny brains that we don’t even clock that just prior to our emotions taking a turn, we have ultimately told ourselves a story which justifies your reaction to the situation – leading you to feel the negative emotions and unleash these on the person who has caused you to feel this way.

In an example, lets say you’re with your boyfriend or partner. You’re cuddled up on the sofa, loved up watching a movie, when he randomly states that he can’t see you this weekend – he’s got a lot on and can’t fit you into his schedule. Immediately, you pull back and react poorly, you feel irritated and upset and turn to silence in order to make your partner feel guilty, which consequently leads to him becoming frustrated and going up to bed early. Now you’re lonely too.

What was it that lead you to become upset and turn to silent treatment? You told yourself a story, and you chose to believe it rather than discuss it to test it’s truth, which ultimately lead to the situation with your partner becoming worse than before. The story may have been something along these lines – ‘He clearly doesn’t love me enough to make time for me. He’s so selfish, only thinking of himself, I do so much for him and he can’t even spare an hour of his time. What’s the point in even having a relationship with him. Maybe I’m not interesting enough? That’s it, I’m boring too, oh god, maybe that’s why he doesn’t want to see me. May as well just push him away now, what difference will it make.’

You convinced yourself of your story before discussing how you felt with your boyfriend, so that you could get his perspective on it. Don’t jump to conclusions. The stories we tell ourselves are NEVER facts, challenge them and find the truths.

We must first revert to the facts, explain the facts we know and then tell our story. In doing so we are questioning the legitimacy of our story and fishing for more information. You’re ultimately opening up the conversation further in order to find a solution that suits both sides, rather than slamming the door shut (by reacting poorly) cutting off any chances of getting what you really want.

The facts in this example would be – your boyfriend is having a busy weekend, and can’t see you. That’s all you have to work with. Your boyfriend loves you dearly, this is perhaps a little out of character for him, ask yourself – ‘why would a rational person do this?’

Rather than leaping into your story, we can get more detail on the little facts we have. You could ask your boyfriend – “Okay, so you’re super busy and don’t feel you have time to see me for the entire weekend? What is it you’ll be doing? Is it something I can help with?” Rather than jumping into your story and drawing conclusions, you have opened the conversation. Your boyfriend might respond with- “To be honest, I’m just crazy busy at work, I’ve got this huge project due and it needs to be done by Monday and it’s really stressing me out.” Now you have more facts to work with you can draw more obvious conclusions and solutions. Perhaps in this situations you could suggest taking him to dinner on the Saturday evening, even if it’s for a couple of hours – in order to de-stress and then continue with the project the next morning?

That example was rather simple, but essentially, in all ‘crucial’ conversations we have a few things to determine and deal with in order to draw up conclusions:

1) We need to determine the FACTS in the situation and recognise and evaluate the STORY we may be telling ourselves.

2) Open up the conversation by questioning our story – perhaps using phrases like ‘how do you see it?’ Then this will allow the other person to justify the actions that are the FACTS and allow you to re-write the story.

3) Find a solution. This may be easier said than done, especially when both parties seem to have conflicting interests. However, it is possible. This is where in the book it becomes slightly more complex, as there are many ways you can come to find solutions using varying approaches. To simplify; often we must ask ourselves ‘what do I really want here?‘ and recognise if our actions coincide with what we want. In the example used above – your reaction to your boyfriend most likely didn’t coincide with what you really wanted right? Does silence create a solution to the fact that what you really want is to figure out a way to see him, even if it’s just for a couple of hours?

If you struggle to find a solution, try finding a mutual purpose – what do you both want from the conversation? What would benefit both parties? For example; you’re a senior member of a support team and one of your colleagues has poor performance, which reflects on the entire team. Your boss has commented on the poor performance of the team as a whole, which you know is largely due to this one persons behaviour. When opening this conversation with the problematic person you may realise you both have a mutual purpose of wanting what is best for the business as well as a strong desire to earn the fat bonus cheque at the end of the month. These may help you both come to an effective solution.

Throughout any conversation, it’s vital to remember to be respectful, and try to remain level headed. Which, I know is easier said than done, but in order to achieve the best results these are super important to remember. The second you feel yourself becoming irritated, resorting to silence or verbal violence, stop. Remind yourself what you want from this conversation, and return to it to find the golden solution.

Of course, the information above is incredibly watered down compared to the deep analysis that the authors dive into within the book. I tried to simplify their work as much as I could for the benefit of you guys and this post. If you want more information on how to cope well in Crucial Conversations you could always purchase the book yourself! I would encourage it if you’re like myself and enjoy self-development.

Have a beautiful day where-ever you are, we shall speak again soon.

All my love,


The Easiest Way You Can Become Successful

Today I wanted to enlighten you into something that has been brought forth in some of the amazing books I have read in my time being furloughed. Something that was consistently repeated through each was a method of learning that doesn’t necessarily require a huge amount of brain-power or will-power! This method I will refer to as mirroring.

So what is mirroring? Mirroring is kind of like miming someone I suppose, you copy the actions of someone you admire (be it their wealth, physical body or mindset) to achieve those results for yourself. It sounds simple, and it is truly. It’s all about having the determination and willingness to admit that you don’t know everything, we must learn from the best in order to become one of the best.

Stubbornness and pride can kill you when it comes to learning something new. Often we must admit to ourselves that perhaps we are not successful, or we aren’t achieving the results we desire because we’re missing a bit of vital information that someone better can teach us! Admitting our weakness is the first step here.

Then we must seek the guidance, and mirror our betters. For me I have picked a few people who I admire for different reasons, I choose to follow these people’s advise because by following them I am more likely to become and achieve similar/ the same results as they do.

But you may be saying to yourself – ‘… but this will require research, reading, investigating and learning – I don’t have time for that – so much for no will-power!’ The reason I claimed this won’t take will-power from yourself is because, if the people you choose to mirror are truly people you respect and admire you will do your research willingly because you enjoy learning how they did it! Therefore we label these people you learn from as ‘Heroes’.

Below I have written a list of my heroes and what it is that inspires me about each – you might be inspired too (in no particular order)!

1) Tony Robbins – his book called Money Master the Game has flipped a switch in me and sparked an interest in finances that I will never lose. This man inspires me for many reasons, but mostly due to his philanthropy – he is working towards eliminating poverty/ lack of food for the homeless and in need in America and has his own foundation which contributes to those often forgotten by society. I myself would love to become a philanthropist one day – so I turn to Tony. If you would like to donate here is a link: (it is a non-profit organisation) https://www.thetonyrobbinsfoundation.org/

2) Project Life Mastery (Stephan James) – Focuses on self-development in all areas of life which I am obsessed with, touching on spirituality and mental health which (if you know my journey of anxiety) means a lot to me. Stephan inspires and reminds me that no matter what, there is always more to learn. We can always be improving and bettering ourselves. Check out his YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/ProjectLifeMastery

3) Tatiana James – Tatiana is actually the fiancé of Stephan James, I discovered her YouTube channel recently and have become very inspired. She makes an amazing amount of money through Amazon, which has encouraged me to do the same through Book Publishing which I intend to study and proceed with in the near future. She also began on this path at 20 years old (the same age as myself currently) and has became incredibly successful – this means if I focus I can achieve the same! Tatiana’s channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzMosKVN6ZI5dZs7m0wH7eg

4) Michael Anthony Singer – Micky has pursued the journey of spiritual enlightenment and written several books on this path. I myself have read around half of The Untethered Soul which truly provided a different insight to life and how we view the situations around us, it’s also very phycological – if you have the time I would recommend this book. Or if reading isn’t your thing, watch the interview on the following link (Tony Robbins and Michael together – AMAZING) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sl7UwUOlTLQ&t=1578s

5) BySophiaLee – this talented young individual is a little like me, except her online blog is bringing in a monthly revenue of around $10,000. This speaks for itself, not only is she my age again, but she also has created a blog that produces cash consistently. BySophieLee is the name of her blog – check her out if you’re a college student or if you’re like me and want your blog to be even more successful!

6) Fit With Cambrie – Cambrie is a young female entrepreneur – who like myself loves her fitness and health and has brought out her own range of protein powders and supplements to coincide with daily exercise and a balanced diet. I’m not too sure on Cambrie’s net worth, but she is certainly a successful young lady and someone who’s YouTube content I watch when I feel like getting inspired – be it fitness or business! Her channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPEq_mi5DeHCDsBDDKmQN9Q

7) Warren Buffet – You may not have expected to see this guy on here, but since becoming obsessed with learning about investing and the stock market in general, Buffet has become an oracle who I wholly trust. If you don’t know already, Mr Buffet’s net worth currently sits at $68.7 Billion. If stock markets aren’t your thing, you may not be interested – but to establish this amount of wealth Buffet has a substantial amount of knowledge! I am currently reading a book based on his personal essays The Essays of Warren Buffet; Lessons for Investors and Managers – which I would recommend to anyone once you understand the vocabulary and phrases of the industry (otherwise things may get a bit confusing).

If you follow, learn and study the mindsets, methods and lifestyle of your heroes you are more likely to achieve the results they have achieved – no matter what area of your life you are trying to improve. Something Robert Kiyosaki states in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad is that we should continue to have superheroes even when we grow older, we follow them and study them and they inspire us because they make their achievements look easy. When something is easy we are more inclined to work towards completing it. Facts.

Let me know who your heroes are in the comments below, or get in contact with me via email if you would like a personal discussion – head to my coaching page!

Have a beautiful day my loves, we can all be superheroes.


The Gift of Giving

Let me ask you a question: do you prefer giving presents or receiving them? Now if you’re like me, receiving presents is great! Especially when it’s unexpected and a lot of thought and energy has gone into that person picking this gift for you. However, if you’re like many you would agree that giving the presents is actually far more rewarding and enjoyable than receiving them.

Why is this? I’m no scientist and I won’t be able to explain the chemical reactions that occur when you see a smile break on someones face, all because of something you did for them. But what I do know, is that feeling of pure happiness sits within you far longer when you are the one giving the gift rather than buying something for yourself or receiving something from another. The gratitude and good energy stays within you, it may even pop up again every now and then when you see your loved one using or wearing the gift you gave!

But giving doesn’t always have to be something material – it can be your time. Time is valuable as we all know, if you’re a young adult like myself you’re more than likely guilty of spending a little too much time away from family and with your partner or friends. It’s in situations like these, with the virus, that we can begin to cherish and hold our loved ones closer, because we are spending/giving our time to them.

There may be some of you reading this that are at home with your family yet still continue to shut yourself behind a closed door. I ask that you step out and watch the movie tonight your family had asked you to join them for, or even sit down for 30 minutes and eat dinner together. Although the gratitude may not be as evident as giving a physical gift, the gift of time and your presence will be truly appreciated among everyone.

Maybe it’s not family that’s your problem, it’s friends! Giving 30 minutes of your evening to FaceTime a friend and check in on them with all this craziness going on would be much appreciated I can guarantee.

Something I believe in strongly is that whatever you give, you receive. It’s like Karma. The good energy you give to the world, the things you do for others – buying a homeless man a hot drink, giving your time to volunteer at a local animal shelter, sharing your knowledge with someone who’s struggling – will all come back to you in one way or another.

What you give you receive.

Something that stood out to me in a book I read recently – Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki – was that the secret to wealth in all forms is through giving. If you want to learn more about something; teach others what you know of it now. If you want to make more money; give your money away and it will find its way back to you.

Don’t wait till you have enough of something, especially if it’s money, because you’ll never have enough! Give what you have now, do it now, sign up to an organisation you love and donate as little as £3 a month.

Recently I signed up to a Clean Water foundation, which is something I would love to physically help out with one day. I’d happily give my time as well as money to those who travel miles every day for something we have at the tip of our fingers!

If its time you want to give, sign up to volunteer at a local animal center or hospital! Especially in times like this I know the NHS have been needing help, perhaps this is something you’ve been interested in but haven’t had the courage to sign up? This is your green light – do it!

I love this concept and way of being, and it’s something I’m trying to do more of because I know that what I give, the Universe will give me back.

All my love, stay safe


Wealth and Fulfillment

Hi everyone, I know it’s been a while, but I promise it has all been for a good purpose!

I’m one of many who has been affected by lockdown here in the UK, I have been furloughed from my job, which is better than some who have actually lost their jobs in these uncertain times.

The most important thing I think we can all take from this, especially if you are in a position like myself and find yourself gifted with all this spare time, that you can use this moment in your life (which many are claiming is a negative) and turn it into a positive.

This may be something you’ve heard already, so you may be rolling your eyes or keen to hear what I’m going to say that may be different…

Personally, this time off working has been an incredible eye opener for me, I have learnt more than I feel I ever learnt in school, and read books at a pace I didn’t believe I was capable of. I’ve been having coaching and getting myself ahead of the game, re-writing false beliefs I told myself from years and years ago.

I have been preparing myself for success.

So, my entire firm where I work closed around mid March to prepare for the crisis that was unfolding around us, we can work from home, no problem. But although working from home felt like a luxury at the time, as things developed and the situation worsened, with millions being furloughed I began to fear that I would become one of them.

A couple of weeks later and I was. My biggest fear in a sense was the amount of time I would have to fill, what was I going to with myself? I’m the type of person who has to keep busy otherwise I literally go insane. But more than anything, I was concerned for my mental health, I’ve been unemployed in the past and spiralled into some of my biggest episodes of doubt and anxiety. There was potential for me to get a little lost here.

But I’m not, and I’m enjoying myself more than ever.

It all started with a book called Money Master the Game by Tony Robbins – controversial title right? This book genuinely changed my whole perceptive and opened up a new door that I’ve become obsessed with and am now pursuing as something a little more serious than just a hobby, or something I read about in my spare time.

Finances, managing money. It’s like politics, it sparks arguments and causes some families to fall apart, even for some to lose their lives – in extreme cases.

I flew through this book and decided that this was something I wanted to learn more about, we can never know to much right? And I love learning new things.

So I kept reading, ordered more books surrounding finances and wealth; Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Richest Man in Babylon. Books for training your mind such as The Untethered Soul by Michael A Singer.

All of these books taught me that managing money is crucial to success, but also that it is so often ignorance and lack of understanding that is our greatest obstacle/ weakness.

Ever since Secondary School, from around the age of 14 I began to fall behind in mathematics, I convinced myself that I couldn’t understand the subject, I even persuaded myself that I had dyscalculia. I told myself repeatedly – “I’m bad at maths.” Until it was literally drilled into my subconscious mind and I believed it.

Written down like that makes me realise how crazy it was! I have memories of myself, literally a year younger at 13, teaching my whole class complex equations that’s how good I was at math.

It’s outstanding the things we convince ourselves, and the power of our phycological structures.

I become embarrassed when confronted with any kind of numeracy, what are taxes? I don’t know I won’t understand. All because I’d convinced myself that I didn’t get it and that maths was not one of my strong suits.

I mean I excelled in literature and essay writing, but that’s besides the point.

Going back to what I was saying earlier- I allowed myself to dip into the financial world through doing something I loved – reading, and it sparked a new interest I never knew I had! Investing, accountancy, tax all make a whole lot more sense than they did a month ago, and I love reading about it. Investment in particular has been a real eye opener and is something I’ve began already, I’m watching my stock investments slowly rise as we speak (they’ll most likely fall too).

My point is, we all have coding hard-wired in our brains that are built up of things/ beliefs we have taught ourselves over a series of years or decades even! But we can re-write them. It may feel uncomfortable or even embarrassing for a while because you’ll feel so out of your depth, but we’ve all got to start somewhere right? Once things begin to fall into place and the puzzle starts coming together, boom! Here comes confidence and you’ve re-written a story or statement you had hard-wired into your subconscious for years.

I challenge you to get outside of your comfort zone, and learn something new. Make you weaknesses your strengths.

I did just that, I wrote down everything I considered myself lacking/bad at, and at the very top of that list was finances so I started to teach myself, and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

Not only am I super proud because I forced myself out of my comfort zone of history and writing, but because I have genuinely found something that I am super passionate about and want to pursue into something bigger, a new career. I want to teach others the things I’ve learnt and help people find greater richness in life, financially and physiologically.

Do it now, it’s never too late to re-write your story and try again. I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long time, these weeks I have had to myself and the high quantity of time don’t seem long enough anymore because I have so much to learn!

Let me know how you get on, what have you challenged yourself with?

Remember; there is always light in darkness, you just have to draw back the curtains to view it.

All my love,



Good evening everyone, isn’t it amazing how music can have such an influence on our emotions? I’m sitting here listening to Rome by Dermot Kennedy and it’s really bringing forward some beautiful memories.

pretty vase

These memories are those of the time when I met my current boyfriend back on the edge of spring moving into Summer, times when we’d do the most random things, the simple things and enjoy every second because we adored each other company so much.

It’s strange – if you were to listen to the song it’s not actually that positive yet for me it’s such summer vibes – sitting in fields on summer evenings talking about our lives and getting to know each other. Or going out on beautiful walks eating ice cream, getting locked into nature reserves because we stayed too late.

The summer of 2019 holds some of the most special memories for me. I didn’t mean for this post to become a tribute to my boyfriend, and whether he reads this or not I don’t care. I will never be shy about telling people how much they mean to me.

I am forever grateful for those people in my life who have helped me discover more about myself, and Luke you have helped me evolve and grow into the person I am, you bring me light when I feel enveloped in darkness.

There’s all this talk about us women being strong and independent 24/7 – who needs a man etc.

I will happily admit that there are times when my boyfriend is what gives me the energy I need to keep moving, he helps me thrive.

There’s nothing wrong with needing a hand to hold, we will all hit a curb or two on our roads, and often all we need is someone to help brush ourselves off and we’re ready to keep walking, running, flying…

All my love,


Be your own coach

Hi everyone, I know it’s been a while, but I’ve taken a little step back from my blog to re-centre and gain a fresh perspective for 2020.

This year I intend to find a more meaningful direction in my life, and by that I want to feel fulfilled on a soul level. I wish to feel satisfied and delighted daily, as well as excelling financially and materially.

Being a 19 year old girl on the verge of starting her career these prospects seem a little far out of reach sometimes, but I believe it’s never too early to start, and I intend to live every day to my best potential with the aim of eventually reaching my end goal of a dream career.

The trouble has always been for me, I’m a little too indecisive which has always been pretty draining for me- because I try things and decide against it then feel disappointed in myself for not succeeding, it’s a circle of madness. Quite literally, I’d do the same things expecting change, and that’s literally the definition of insanity.

Deciding enough was enough I took it upon myself to find a life coach.

This is something I’ve wanted to do forever but had always held back, now I feel ready.

Something you have to take on board when beginning life coaching is that you require to have to willingness to change, because in order to create big shifts in our lives we need to commit to making the small changes that lead to the big changes.

Which of course leads to stepping outside that comfort threshold.

I’ve talked about this rather a lot on my blog, but discomfort leads to achievement and success, it leads to development and growth.

I have accepted within myself that change is of my making and that I will stay committed to the goals that I set with my coach because I know the life I do desire.

Something I’ve worked on this week was noting down all of my best qualities. This was enlightening in itself and helped me acquire my strengths and what I truly love; an adventure seeker, sports and being outdoors, helping others and inspiring people around me, a keen eye for making things look pretty be it clothing or interior design.

If you’re feeling a lack of fulfilment, ask yourself what are my strengths? What would bring me greater joy/ purpose.

So often the answers are on the surface just waiting to be broken into.

This is my journey through my coaching this year. 2020 vision.

All my love,


A fresh Start – Resolutions

Good evening beautiful humans, I hope you’ve all had an amazing day! Today was the first day back at work doing a full shift, we’d been finishing earlier for Christmas all of last week so today did feel slightly longer. But I’m feeling super motivated recently, all because we’re moving into a new year and a fresh start…

Do you believe in resolutions? I don’t think there’s anything wrong with them, however I do think a tendency for a lot of the population is to make these resolutions to better ourselves and we start off great, were working hard and pushing ourselves and then it’s almost as though the novelty wears off and things slow down and eventually we lose the habit we were never able to build to achieve the things we really wanted to.

It’s happened to me too, I mean I was saying all of last year how badly I wanted to renovate my bedroom and never did it, even when I started earning more, for some reason it was never one of my top priorities. Why? Because I didn’t put in the time, I didn’t make the effort to manifest this and make it a reality.

This month, no matter what, I will be starting this goal of mine. I may be slightly poor for January because of it but the sense of satisfaction I will feel once completed will be wayyyyy worth it.

What’s one of your resolutions? I mean, a cliche one would be to live a healthier lifestyle right? You know, I get people on a regular basis ask me how I stay healthy and why I eat clean and how I go to the gym every day. It’s all about developing habits, which isn’t easy, because you have to be motivated.

Resolutions are just resolutions. Goals are just goals… unless you put in the time and are prepared to motivate yourself to get the results you wish for! It’s easy really, you just have to remind yourself daily, keep yourself inspired, talk about your goals with others, motivate each other whatever it is that will keep you centered and focused.

For me, like many people I write a list of all my resolutions; setting them out into travel achievements, material achievements and personal achievements that I would like to meet. Once I’ve done this I create a vision board, envision those things you want to achieve, what will you be doing, how will you be feeling, what will you be wearing, who will be around you?

I think vision boards are amazing, because when your mind can envision exactly what it is you desire, it gives it something to work toward, the Universe will naturally help you manifest these things.

After this, every day, and I mean every single day I will write a list of things I want to achieve. These are what I would consider my ‘baby steps’ these are the small achievements that take me to the big goals that were on the resolution list.

By continually referring back to the resolution list daily when writing these this will help you stay on track, focused and determined.

Something else to take into consideration is that you can treat every day as a fresh start! If one day doesn’t go as planned, don’t give up and break that habit. Remember that tomorrow is a new day, it’s a day to reinvent yourself, there’s always a chance to change, usually it’ll be yourself that’s getting in your way.

Get writing your resolutions if you haven’t already and set them in motion, it’s time to make our 2020 visions a reality.

All my love,


What Christmas is really all about…

Good evening beautiful world and Merry Christmas to you all. We’re coming to the end of one of the most widely celebrated events of the year, so I’m sure we’re all on a little come down to be honest! You know, I think it’s crazy how Christmas is one of those rare holidays that the majority of the population celebrate (I know not all religions and beliefs celebrate and that’s totally cool too). Across the world on this one special day, for once we’re all on the same page.

Now I know what you’re thinking – this is going to be one of those cliché posts about how Christmas isn’t about the gifts and the money spent, it’s all about the people you spend it with and blah blah blah.

And well you’re kind of right kind of wrong.

Sometimes, and I know this may seem a little stupid to some of you – I tend to get a little down over Christmas just due to the immense social pressure that’s built around it.

Especially when you’re younger, everyone’s asking each other what they got and what they did and comparing gifts and whatever.

I don’t know about everyone else but for me as I’ve grown I’ve realised how much of a blessing Christmas is, since it brings everyone together. And I mean everyone! As I said at the beginning of this post, the entire world is celebrating the same thing!

It’s the one opportunity/ excuse (if you like) to come together and express our gratitude for one another. I love that, that’s wholesome and good.

As I’ve said before, I like my designer and there are material things I desire, but for me to satisfy my soul and to make me feel at peace it’s all about the people I spend time with and the love I give and receive.

So for me, Christmas is never about the gifts.

If anything, I’d rather purchase myself the designer items in the future as a mark of my financial achievements in life! After starting my new job I treated myself to a Gucci scarf for no good reason other than I wanted it! It marked a major financial milestone in my success and so I did that for myself!

Christmas isn’t all about the giving of presents. It’s about the giving of love.

Spread it people, there can never be enough.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely holiday, and I wish you all a happy new year! Full of lots of new exciting things, and for one, more blog posts💫✨

All my love,


The City of Love

Good evening everyone, today I wanted to write something a little different. One of my goals for the end of this year was to travel somewhere, I achieved a very big goal this June by travelling to South Africa and back alone, but I wanted to get myself out of the country this winter and I did just that.

You can probably guess by the cliche title where this destination was… of course it was PARIS.

Paris sparked something new in me, every experience in life teaches us new things and this experience made me learn new things about my partner. So here’s me giving some relationship advise for a change rather than talking about myself.

Personally, I am a relationship girl, I easily get on with guys and that’s sometimes a pain since I would love to have more guy friends but they always seem to get the wrong end of the stick, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, recently I came across a famous video of Cher and she had said how ‘men are not a necessity, they are a luxury. Like dessert’ she then proceeded to go on with ‘my experience with men is great because I pick them because I like them, not because I need them...’

And this really resonated with me, you know, some people would consider me very fortunate with the relationship I have with my boyfriend. Because he’s not just my boyfriend, he’s my best friend, my favourite person to do spontaneous stupid shit with, be reckless and enjoy life with.

Paris made me realise how fortunate I am in love, and I believe it all comes from the way I view men. I mean, me and Luke were a complete accident! We met in a club randomly and got together, I intrigued him with my stubbornness to get with him so he asked me on a date and things just sparked.

I think for anyone who’s longing for love out there, patience is key, but also the willingness to give something a try, the willingness to take a risk but don’t put your heart on the line. I didn’t set things off with Luke as though he was going to be my boyfriend, I move to people based on their energy and he buzzes on a high frequency which I vibe with.

Always remember, men are a luxury not a necessity. Love yourself before trying to love someone else, otherwise how are you ever going to give anything to someone when you don’t have it within yourself.

Any love starts from within. You’ll attract what you are.

All my love,


The Soul and the Brain

Hi all, I’m literally typing this on my phone right now because I had a sudden urge to write and that’s a good thing so I’m taking the urge while it’s there!

You know, over this entire year I have learnt more about myself than ever before, and one of the things I have learnt is that I almost have two Egos or two personalities. I call these my soul and my brain or my business mentality.

So my Soul is, of course, the part of me which pursues all the things I love and make me feel good. My soul loves the outdoors, classical music, listening to nature, playing piano and reading historical novels.

These are all things that satisfy the deepest parts of me which few people in my life see, because these are all things I love to do for myself and often by myself. They give me a sense of fulfilment, a sense of lightness in chest, I feel like there are infinite possibilities, a universe at my fingertips to explore.

Beautiful right? And we all have this side to us, you may just not have found what it is your soul most desires yet… and that’s cool. I don’t really know either which is what’s super frustrating when you’re a 19 year old who’s trying to get everything together! But it’s all part of the process and we have to grow to love ourselves.

This other part of me is the business mindset, the brain. I’m also a super competitive person and love the whole concept of business, being under pressure and the man-made world. I’m a sucker for materialism, I love designer and I love fashion, because they make me feel good. I want to be a boss lady, and trust me I will be.

The trouble is these two parts of me are so different I struggle to find a balance. See right now I’m on more of the business path, but sometimes I can’t help but feel disconnected from my spirituality.

It’s super important to stay true to ourselves through everything, and it’s why I ensure to always make time for myself in the day. Whether it’s waking up 2 hours earlier than I need to for work, it’s so worth it! Because it means I can find time to fulfil my soul, and then fulfil the business part of me in my job.

If this is you too, and you can’t seem to find a balance. Keep trying, go with your gut, and what’s meant to be will be. If we trust our souls, and fulfil all parts of ourselves then everything will work out.

Have a beautiful evening my loves, sorry for the randomness of this post!

All my love,