Your body is a Temple- series

I think there are times when we all mistreat our bodies in one way or another; eating junk foods, consuming excessive amounts of alcohol or overloading ourselves with stress. These are all things we can agree we do from time to time… and that’s okay, it’s just important to remember not to over-do these things because the effects will reflect within and without.

When you eat excessive amounts of processed fatty foods, you will always feel the short-term effect of “Wow that was amazing, it tasted sooooo good!!!” But, the long-term effects can be far more damaging. Your skin will start to protest and your gut will be unhappy as the high volume of fat puts a high amount of pressure on our digestive system and blah blah blah… But most importantly the psychological effects can be devastating. It’s a downward spiral really but it’s so easy to get swept up in since fast food is so convenient and accessible.

If you don’t take care of your body, who will?

We only get one body people, it’s time to start treating it properly! Start viewing and treating your body as a temple and the rewards will be evident; clear skin, reduction in weight, improvements mentally as well as a happy soul. One of the ways we can achieve this is through a healthy and colourful diet, fruit and vegetables aren’t only super good for you but you are naturally drawn to them because of the colour. For instance, if you were to compare a chocolate bar and strawberry, which one looks visually more appealing without knowing the taste? If you are saying the chocolate bar right now you are kidding yourself! The strawberry is shiny and red, and naturally looks appealing, whereas the chocolate bar looks no different to the churned up mud on the floor at a festival. Not only does the strawberry look sexy but you’ll undoubtedly feel far better and more energised for eating it than the chocolate bar, and in feeling better in yourself your self-esteem arises which opens more opportunities into our lives since you have the confidence to strive for what you want!

This may seem a little far-fetched to some, but I want you to try going a day of eating clean, try to reduce the level of processed sugars you ingest or foods that make you bloated and feel heavy. Be observant and pay attention to how you feel, physically and mentally, and I can almost guarantee you’ll see improvements!

What should I try? I’m not telling you to cut out every single piece of junk food from your diet completely, because that’s unrealistic in the long-term and you’re essentially setting yourself up for failure which is a hard-core NO. This is a gradual process and it’s important not to be too strict on yourself because that won’t work, we all need that bar of chocolate from time to time, especially when it’s that time of the month for us ladies!

I would suggest:

  1. Green for GO– eat your greens with every meal throughout the day. For example: breakfast green smoothie, lunch half a bowl of salad, dinner some veggies such as brocoli or Brussel sprouts! Eating a high amount of greens has numerous health benefits such as reducing the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and obesity.
  2. Stay hydrated with H20– make sure to drink enough water consistently. If you wanted to mix it up add some lemon for taste or chia seeds for texture! Water helps remove waste products from our bodies, which we can all agree we don’t want.
  3. Keep it simple eat whole foods which are non-processed, this makes it easier for your body to break them down and results in less waste products in your body. It also means things are less complicated to cook, you don’t need to over complicate!

I will keep saying it people YOUR BODY IS A TEMPLE  by respecting it and treating it right you will see results physically and mentally. Even if you just start by doing one meal a day, eating whole foods and greens, and work your way up to 3 meals that is super amazing and shows you are making the effort to change your life for the better! Always congratulate yourself for the small steps  you take to improving your life. Love yourself and keep faith, because once this becomes a routine, it’s easy.

All my love,


(DISCLAIMER: I am not a qualified nutritionist, all my suggestions are from personal experience, I am merely sharing this information with you!)

Breaking the box

From the #YOLO to metaphorical boxes, you must all be thinking- what on earth is this girl going on about? Trust me on this one people, you’re going to enjoy it.

Growing up in Secondary school or High school (for you American readers out there), I think we can all agree we are faced with some of the toughest and most memorable years of our lives. It’s not just about education, it’s the social side of things; it’s the girl gangs, your first boyfriend/girlfriend, the parties and the petty fall outs over the tiniest of things. Subconsciously, school can be a trap for teenage minds. Which is unfair considering this is the time when were most vulnerable, as were going through some of the biggest changes in our lives, such as puberty.

As were growing we absorb the energy around us; the likelihood is if you’re hanging out with bitchy people you’re going to become a bitchy person. We do this willingly quite often out of fear that we won’t fit in with the group. So the girl who ended up being a bitch was actually a very loving, genuine person, but felt she couldn’t promote that energy around her toxic circle of friends. This stems back to the Stone-Age times, where the threat of being kicked out of the tribe would have been deadly since there was better chance of survival in a pack, being on your own, you had less of a chance. Therefore through the teenage school years these metaphorical boxes are created, the stereotypes that we feel ought to be followed depending on the group of people we surround ourselves with. Brainy people are labelled the ‘nerds’, the girl who doesn’t go out socializing every weekend is labelled ‘boring and anti-social’, the group who go out drinking every weekend are ‘popular.’ By following these stereotypes and confiding yourself to the box you were supposedly allocated, you have limited yourself to a whole world of possibilities, break down the walls of the box and start owning yourself, because you are a badass.

My story: For me, I was the pretty girl who many perhaps assumed lived in the ‘popular’ box because of the people I surrounded myself with for years in school, and for a while I fulfilled that stereotype. However once it got to my final years in sixth form something clicked for me. Everything sort of shifted into perspective, and I got on my grind and worked hard because I didn’t want to risk doing poorly in my exams and ‘ruin’ my future. I realised I actually really disliked clubbing and would rather sit at home and read a historical fiction novel, but I still liked to look pretty and dress up nicely, so why didn’t I enjoy the things that I felt I should be enjoying as part of being ‘popular.’

I faced this sort of identity crisis, I tried to force myself into the introverted or extroverted box, and failed miserably as I slowly realised I was a combination of both. It was almost like I needed the guidelines on who I should be acting like, since I no longer reflected how my friends acted around me, I wanted to find new walls for my box. This spiralled and I felt hopeless, who was I? I so wished I enjoyed clubbing and drinking like everyone else, but I didn’t, and if I tried to force myself I knew I was pretending to be someone I wasn’t which no one should ever have to do.

So how did I break the box? I learned to love and accept myself. It’s that easy. Except it’s not.

We are so used to the comfort of being the sheep or the follower that were scared to be the Shepard.


Learning to love yourself and achieve what you’ve always dreamed of means getting out of your comfort zone, you have to move away from the heard and take the risk knowing that you’ll be happier for it in the end, even if it doesn’t feel that way at the beginning.

How do you break the box? I want you to write a list of all the things that make you happy and spark joy in you. List the things that you love so much that you lose track of time when you’re doing them, realising that hours have passed. These are the things that make you your amazing, breathtakingly awesome self! And if you look at this list and realise you’re not doing these things enough, because you’re forcing yourself into someone else’s box, or following a stereotype that isn’t you, this is me telling you to freaking own yourself and break that box down.

A box without walls may seem vulnerable to begin with, but once you see past that you’ll realise you are free to endless possibilities, you are the bird without a cage.

Before you know it you’ll become the Shepard and you’ll have sheep loads of people following your league, because loving who you are and doing what makes you happy isn’t a crime. It’s a human right, and we need to spread the word.

With all my love,


The Big #YOLO

Hello beautiful world!

 welcome to my blog, my name is Hannah Grace and I am very pleased to meet you!

I think writing a first blog post for anyone is challenging, especially since my blog in particular doesn’t fit into a specific box or category. I think in society this is often perceived as a problem or an inconvenience, but… screw society! I have many interests and passions that I’d love to share with you all (and will in due time). However, I still feel there is an expectation to summarise what my blog is all about, and the truth is I don’t 100% know!

So why did I start a blog? I’ve always been good at writing, I know for a fact that it’s always been one of my strengths. However, in school our writing gets moulded and forced into this monotone robotic voice. This is after the endless amount of essays, that are essentially just regurgitated again and again until we reach this ‘perfection’ that the examiner wants to see. We never really get the chance to experience the freedom and relief that writing has the power to give!

“In the waves of change we find our direction.”

But I suppose the real reason is because I’m really big on helping people, I want you all to be able to live your best life and I’m here to guide you with that. After all You Only Live Once, why would you not want to be doing what you truly love, making your life the best it can be?! Yes, I hear you, I’m only 19 years old how could I possibly know what I’m talking about? Well you see, I overcame a massive hurdle in my life that acted as an awakening for me, I learnt new things about myself and I’ve been on my journey to greatness ever since. I want to inspire others, whether that’s through beauty, travel, health, fitness, the environment, fashion it really doesn’t matter! What matters is that you feel motivated and inspired to achieve the things you want most out of life, then you’ll be on your journey to greatness in no time.

So what will I be writing about? This blog is personal to me and all my experiences and passions, so there will be something for everyone here. I’m someone you can relate to, laugh and cry with, I’m your little friend through the screen! Get stuck in, I want to hear from you!

I look forward to seeing you again in my next post.

all my love,