The one thing stopping you from doing what you love

Hello beautiful readers, I am currently feeling super motivated and fancied writing while I was in the zone. To be honest, I just want to help as many people as I can with my advice. As I’ve mentioned multiple times I love giving to others, and as Jen Sincero taught me in her book You are a Badass– in giving to others you will undoubtedly recieve an abundance of goods, because that’s the way the Universe works, what you put out you recieve… and I freaking love that!

So I remember when I started University, or even when studying my A Levels that I had a really strong feeling and passion about going to one of Africa’s many countries and getting involved with the wildlife out there. I’ve always been one of those people who sits on the edge of their seat while watching Planet Earth as David Attenborough narrates the life of a penguin, whale or zerba. I love the beauty and complexity of the Earth and nature itself, it’s always been something I’ve held such admiration for. I think growing up in the countryside of Kent in England has contributed to this. Forestry and endless rolling hills are scenes that have become normalised for me but some people dream of in their built up towns or sky-scraper cities.

As I said however this has become normalised to me, I know there’s so much more exotic wildlife out there, and I want to witness it. I’ve never been one to watch a lot of TV, in my opinion I’d rather be experiencing or doing what I’m watching rather than sitting on my bum and commenting on what other people are achieving. I’m not saying I don’t relax and chill out sometimes, but I am such a do’er so I wasn’t just planning on watching David Attenborough narrate about zebras I was going to do it myself.

When I ran into a large sum of money at the end of 2018, I didn’t pay back the student loan I owed immediatly, I didn’t use it to learn to drive which perhaps would have been the ‘sensible’ thing to do. Instead I used it to do something I was super passionate about and knew I would cherish in my heart forever… I BOOKED A TRIP TO SOUTH AFRICA TO WILDLIFE VOLUNTEER.

If you’re new here this is news for you, for those of you who have been here before, your ears are probably bleeding from hearing me talk about this again and I apologise. But I cannot contain my excitement enough!

What I’m trying to say is that sometimes it’s important to go for what feels good rather than what other people are trying to convince you to do, or what might be the ‘sensible’ thing to do. Be wild and crazy, pursue what many would think you were stupid for doing because at the end of the day as long as you’re happy and your soul is content what is there to worry about?

Most people back out of things they truly desire out of fear. Don’t be that person. Make your dreams a reality. Travel through your TV screen, start living the life you’ve always wanted. For me South Africa is the start of something beautiful, it’s the start of a new addiction, an adventure of a lifetime.

I hope you go after what’s calling you too.

All my love,


(The Broken Pearl)

The Broken Pearl

Hello everyone, today’s blog post is going to be a bit more raw than all the others. I’m getting deep with you guys, because I’m majorly in my feelings.

Why am I sad? That doesn’t even need to be said, all I have to say is that my heart is aching badly and all I want to do is curl up in a black hole and hibernate for a year to get through this pain… From this I assume you understand my situation right? If you don’t I’m sure you can all relate to this is one way or another.

dark ocean.jpgI’m just having a very bad day today, which seems impossible for someone who always seem’s upbeat and writes about self-help all the time. Well even people like me have our off days, and it is shitty but right now I really can’t find the motivation to do anything, but I know that writing seriously helps me so that’s what I’m doing, and because I get to basically talk to you guys about it and that’s what I need right now.

It’s tough not knowing if you’ve made the right decision or not, but as Oprah Winfrey once said you have to understand your intention before making a decision. I think I have made my decision, I need more space to grow into the better person I want to become and I believe being without my partner will allow me to do that.

The whole point of me vomiting all this onto a page for you guys is to prove that no ones perfect. We all make poor decisions from time to time, and have days when were not feeling up to doing anything, days when getting out of bed is our biggest achievement, and that’s FREAKING OKAY. We can’t put the pressure on ourselves or expect ourselves to be motivated and super inspired every single f-ing day of the year, because it’s not physically possible. Life is going to throw obstacles at you every now and then, and you’ll undergo a rollercoaster of emotions in order to smash that obstacle down.

pearl 1.jpgOur imperfections make us human, our poor decisions make us human, our mistakes make us human. We are all broken pearls, or pearls with tiny cracks in them. Pearl’s are often idealised and symbolic as perfect because they’re spherical and fine, we all wish we could be that un-cracked polished and dazzling pearl. But in reality we all have a few cracks and scars, and that’s because were human, and it shows that we’ve lived!

Today I realised this, and that not every day can go as smoothly as you’d like. I didn’t expect to write a blog post on bloody pearls but here we are! I’m sorry if this isn’t what you came on here for, but I’m just keeping it real with you guys.

All my love, 


(the broken pearl)

How Volunteering can boost your CV and your self-love

Hello everyone, and a happy Monday to you all! I know Monday’s may seem like a drag, and understandably so, it’s a reality check of going back to work and getting on your grind again. But if you shift your perspective a little, we can all be thankful for Monday’s, since they’re an opportunity for a fresh start. A new week, full of lots of opportunities at the touch of your fingertips, all you have to do is have the confidence to seize them for yourself!

Now, onto the topic of volunteering today. This is something I’ve wanted to talk about since forever, because volunteering has genuinely changed my life, and makes me feel 10000X better about myself. Not only this but it also looks very snazzy to future employers, giving your precious time away out of the good of your heart, now that’s appealing!!!

Why did I volunteer? First of all I just want to start by saying that I understand it may be harder for those of you who work your socks off in full-time jobs to volunteer, and that my circumstances were very different. So, after dropping out of University I undoubtedly had a lot of time on my hands, and for someone who was mentally a bit unstable this was very challenging. Every day seemed to go by soooooo slowly, it was like waiting for paint to dry, even with my hobbies such as reading I still seemed to have too much time on my hands! Understandably, this is one of the big reasons so many people my age become over-educated and stick at University, because they’re so unsure and horseskind of scared of what they’d do if they weren’t in education and actually had to think for themselves (wow, that was a mini rant). But it’s TRUE! So with this endless time I had, I decided I wanted to work with animals in some form, and volunteer doing this.

It took some time, but eventually I found something, and it was local which was even better since I don’t drive! All I had to do was look after some horses at an academy, it was outdoor work of course so sometimes it wasn’t pretty. I was carrying large nets of hay which could break my freaking back, attending to horses which threatened to bite my fingers off from time to time, and poo picked on top of a field on my own for 2 hours… I’m really selling this to you right?!! Although the work was often hard, I still felt a sense of achievement after working, and the fact I got to work outside and enjoy the scenery was even better. As I’ve said before, being out in the fresh air really helps to get into the present moment, you can find gratitude for pretty much anything if you’re living in the present!

It was this sense of achievement that kept me driven, and after working for the academy for a few months I finally built up the courage to ride a horse which I hadn’t done for like 15 years and it was amazing! Volunteering opens the doors to new unexpected things in your life that you may have never gotten the opportunity for before. It opens your eyes and your soul, and makes you realise that giving is better than taking!

You’re opening yourself to receiving gratitude from those you’re working for, and soak that shit up because it’s gold-dust!!!

Gratitude is the secret to happiness, and volunteering can help with unlocking that.

This was Merlin my favourite owl! Follow my Instagram for future pictures- Hannahzgracee

Since doing the horse academy volunteering, I have gotten a job, yet I still manage to make time to help out, even if it’s not as often as before. I’ve kinda become addicted to it, I currently volunteer at an aviary too, which has led me to learning how to fly hawks and owls, which I would never have had the opportunity to do before if I hadn’t offered my time and help to their cause.

Volunteering shows that you care for greater causes rather than just yourself.

Empathy and time-giving is something we all need to show and give a little more of, which is why employers love it! It shows you’re different and have gone out of your way to do something that benefits other people as well as yourself! AND IT’S FREAKING AWESOME. As I mentioned before I’ll be going to Africa in June to volunteer and help restore biodiversity on a large piece of land out there, monitoring the wildlife resources and tracking animals. I’ll make sure to document the whole experience for you guys and let you know what I think!

Even if you feel as though you don’t have enough time to give to others, just email around or ask your local community if they need a help in hand with anything. Volunteering doesn’t have to be as bizarre as I make it sound! Volunteering can be caring for the elderly, or packing peoples shopping for them at the supermarket. I’m just the sort of person who likes to get out there and do adventurous, exciting things, that involve wildlife. But that’s just me! You do you, do whatever you’ll get the most joy from, otherwise what’s the point? Your happiness should always come first, and I can guarantee you’ll feel even happier after giving your time for a better cause.

All my love,


Don’t be scared of pages

Hello folks, well today I decided to write about books since there seems to be plenty of people my age who don’t actually read… and WTF??!!! It’s time to step away from the bright suffocating phone screens, TV screens, laptop screens (rich coming from me right) and pick up a book and start READING.

Reading is actually one of the best ways to open your mind and help you find clarity! You don’t even need to be reading a self-help book to feel 90% better about yourself or whatever, fictional books literally act as a portal to another realm, you get to walk in someone else’s fabulous shoes for half an hour or so and why wouldn’t you want to do that? When I had anxiety badly, one of the things I realised I had stopped doing in my personal time was reading. This was at the time when I became submerged in my A Level’s and felt so swamped that (whiny irritating voice) ‘I didn’t possibly have the time’ to do what I loved. Well clearly that didn’t do me any good. Once I realised how bad my pile of booksanxiety had got one of the first things I started doing again was reading, and wow did it make a difference to how I felt!

I know this can’t be said for everyone but for me I bloody love historical fiction, and if you followed my Instagram account Hannahzgracee (shameless self-promo) you would know I really adore castles, Leeds Castle being one of my favourites. So it doesn’t take a genius to guess that I like history. The satisfaction and relaxation I feel when picking up a book is so calming, and for anyone who may suffer from anxiety calmness will be a tremendous help in reducing panic attacks and just stress in general. You don’t have to have anxiety to start reading, that’s definitely not my point! The point is, is that reading acts as an escape for everyone. If you’re having a hard time and are really disliking your job (if this is the case for you I highly recommend going after something that sparks greater joy) or need to get away from the kids, reading is your little safe haven.

The connection you can feel with the character in the book is phenomenal, there’s nothing quite like it. I often find myself comparing myself to the characters, discovering new things about myself (wow how many times can I write myself in a sentence?!!). For instance recently I’ve been reading Phillipa Gregory’s The Red Queen and I couldn’t help but admire the character of Margaret Beaufort who stopped at nothing to ensure her son achieved his destiny of becoming King. Because she had faith in the unseen, she got through all her hardships; facing death and isolation, she got through it all and succeeded. I see some of myself in that character, that determination is what I strive for and obtain. That is proof to me that the Universe will manifest what you desire if you hold faith.

All that from reading a book, it’s not just an escape people it

“exposes you and gives you access to anything your mind can hold” (Oprah Winfrey: What I know for Sure)

… and Winfrey is right, I know for sure that reading does more for me than helps me

blue smudges
I’m literally just using this image because it looked cool

escape, it helps me find higher ground for myself. Self help books do even more or course, but fictional books or in my case ‘Faction’ offer so much for us. I can’t urge it enough that sometimes all we need is less screen time and more of the good stuff- the pages. I would also recommend buying actual books, not those weird kindle things! You can get such cheap copies second-hand for only £2 in charity shops such as Oxfam, which also take used books (that’s what I did with all my old school books)! The sensation of finishing a book for me became a sense of achievement, and I literally became addicted to it! So now I’ve almost finished all of Phillipa Gregory’s novels! But I’ve started reading self-help books in the morning’s now too in order to motivate myself for the day ahead.

Overall, please don’t be scared of pages over screens! I know for many reading may seem like a chore but it’s not, it’s a sacred pleasure (it really is!!!). I can’t be the only 19-year-old who feels this way surely? A good book is all a girl/guy needs in the world-

You’ll live 1000 lives in one lifetime!

All my love,